Microsoft revealed a date of GTA 6 premiere? The company cites external sources

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Rockstar Games is still not disclosing any official Grand Theft Auto VI presentation to the public. Though the studio, a few months ago, announced it was working on the new release of the series, and the September footage leak highlighted the early version of the game, gamers unchangeably can, for the time being,  only rely on gossips and external news. Take-Two Interactive, however, reassures the leak has had no impact on further works on the game. Fans are so much looking forward to hearing the details on the game, and even the latest survey regarding GTA+ subscription has raised fans’ hopes, who predict that Rockstar has revealed one of the new features they are still developing for GTA VI. It appears that the release date is securely schielded by Take-Two, and even Microsoft doesn’t know when the product will go on sale, eventually.

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Microsoft referred to the Tech Radar Gaming article

In a new doc file of the UK Competition and Markets Authority, we’re learning the details related to Activision Blizzard takeover by Microsoft. The gigant from claims, that even  after the acquisition of the publisher Call of Duty and many other popular franchises, Sony would hardly make a loss in relation to this transaction, since the market is yet rich in firms like Electronic Arts and Ubisoft. 

Microsoft mentions Take-Two Interactive too, giving Grand Theft Auto VI as an example, at the same time indicating a potential date of the game release

„It is expected that the long-awaited Grand Theft Auto VI will be released in 2024.”

Microsoft, however, cites an article by Tech Radar Gaming, a site owned by the same company as GamesRadar+ and Total Film. In turn, the site’s editors quote the Bloomberg report published back in July.

It is thus unclear whether Microsoft actually knows the release window for the sixth instalment of GTA, but the company didn’t want to reveal confidential proprietary information and so it cited an external source, or whether even the giant responsible for the Xbox has not yet been informed of Rockstar Games’ future plans.