17-year-old detained hacker in GTA 6 case pleads not guilty

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When the Internet was hit by the latest news on arresting a young hacker allegedly responsible for accessing the GTA6 Code and other assets, many argued that the youngster was gulity beyond doubt. However, this is not certain, and the minor refuses his part in the act. What is interesting in all of this is his past record.

He was supposed to steal GTA 6, but pleads not guilty

Arrested and brought before a London juvenile court, the hacker pleaded not guilty. Interestingly, his past is not crystal clear anyway. It has been confirmed that the detainee has participated, among other things, in hacking attacks against Nvidia or Microsoft, for which he was in fact arrested in early 2022.

I have confirmed that the 17-year-old arrested in Oxfordshire in connection with the cyber attack on Rockstar and Uber is the same teenager who was arrested earlier this year for the hacking attack on Microsoft and Nvidia. The young man is linked to the Lapsus$ group.

Earlier reports of the hacker’s achievements, as well as his links to the aforementioned group, were therefore confirmed. Although the individual has not (yet) admitted to the charges, there are many indications of the detainee’s guilt. The arrest itself was made after an investigation, which pointed out significant similarities between the attacks carried out by the young man and the Rockstar hack.