GTA 6 hacker arrested for a leak? 17-year-old 'suspected hacker’ detained.

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Last week, video footage from a still in-development version of GTA 6 was leaked online, and it was reported fairly quickly that a teenager in the UK was allegedly responsible for stealing the leaked data.

Meanwhile, London police today announced that a 17-year-old „suspected of hacking” was arrested last night.

A teenager arrested in the UK in connection with the GTA 6 leak

There has been yet no official confirmation that the detained teenager is responsible for stealing the Rockstar Games assets.

The alleged hacker is said to be a minor. His home address in Oxfordshire has been determined,  hence a lot of players believe that London Police have caught the person who hacked GTA 6 last week.

This has also been verified by Reuters journalist Matthew Keys, who reports – citing his own sources – that the crime committed by the 17-year-old is linked to having gained access to the Rockstar Games and possibly Uber Technologies systems. Official details on the case, however, are still to be announced.