The gaming tweet of all time? GTA 6 developers’ statement breaks the bank

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Never before has any game developer’s statement drawn such attention. After the leaks of GTA 6, the Internet went wild, so the game owner felt obliged to respond. Rockstar’s tweet has reached the unbelievable results.

Rockstar’s most popular entry in the industry

An official statement made by Rockstar in relation to the GTA 6 leak  in no time reached nearly all followers of the video game industry. The issue’s enormous impact only confirms the huge community interest in the upcoming game release. The developers have already achieved something incredible at this point – their post is probably the most popular in the history of the games industry. It has already garnered more than one million likes and almost 200,000 quotes and follows.

Of course, it is difficult in this case for anyone to celebrate the success, as the leak itself is something negative. It is not without reason that developers and publishers try so hard to keep their projects secret, revealing only self-selected video footage.